An inview into the South Wales fire service quality control inspection, outcomes and recomendations.

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1. Introduction 牋牋牋牋

2. Executive Summary 牋牋牋牋

3. Policy, Strategy and Planning 牋牋牋牋

4. Analysis of Performance 牋牋牋牋

4.1 Fire Safety 牋牋牋牋

4.2 Community Fire Safety 牋牋牋牋

4.3 Service Delivery 牋牋牋牋

4.4 Standards of Fire Cover 牋牋牋牋

4.5 Operations 牋牋牋牋

4.6 Personnel 牋牋牋牋

4.7 Training and Development 牋牋牋牋

4.8 Mobilising and Communications 牋牋牋牋

4.9 Health and Safety 牋牋牋牋

4.10 Information Technology 牋牋牋牋

4.11 Appliances and Operational Equipment 牋牋牋牋

5. Summary of Recommendations 牋牋牋牋

6. Previous Recommendations 牋牋牋牋


1.1 ThePrincipal Inspection of South Wales Fire Service was conducted between August andSeptember 1999 and included a formal visit to the Service from 20 - 24 September1999. The inspection was led by Her Majesty's Inspector J G Russel, assisted by HerMajesty's Inspector C R Moseley and Senior Divisional Officer M J Hagen. Members ofthe Inspection Support Group provided additional support with data retrieval and analysis. The contribution made by officers of the District Audit Service and the Health &Safety Executive is also acknowledged.

1.2 TheSouth Wales Fire Authority includes representatives from the ten unitary authorities ofBlaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Newport,Rhondda Cynon Taff, Torfaen and Vale of Glamorgan and provides fire safety servicesand operational fire cover through South Wales Fire Service. The Authority area has avaried risk profile with 'A' risk in parts of the city centre of Cardiff tolarge rural areas. The resident population of the Brigade area is approximately 1,405,000with main centres of population around Cardiff, Newport and the ribbon developments alongthe valleys.

1.3Within this report reference is made to relevant recorded outcomes and performanceachieved by South Wales Fire Service. Comparison is made with the data held for other firebrigades and any evidence produced by the Service to support the appropriateness of itsrelative position is taken into account. Comment is made about the outcome of this...