The Iron Lady

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2Abstract �

3Introduction �

41. The Economy of the Thatcher-period �

41.1 Economy and taxes �

61.2 The miner's strike �

73. Foreign affairs �

94. Thatcherism: the ideology �

11Conclusion �

13List of references �



The aim of this paper is to present Margaret Thatcher's premiership focusing on decisions that determined her "reign" and the period following it. Thatcher was a very divisive person in British political life, she had as many opponents as supporters, and her actions are still a matter of disputes among experts. Thatcherism became an ideology, and this is somewhat against what a conservative party suggests; however, it will be presented in the paper that actually many of Thatcher's decisions and actions were against conservative thoughts, which sometimes made the members of her own party sceptical.

I aimed at presenting the most popular and unpopular actions in order to find out what made up the ideology of Thatcherism.

The opinions of supporters and opponents will be introduced when the ideology is discussed.


Margaret Thathcer was a person in British history who determined its politics and life not only during her premiership but also after her role of 11 years and three successful elections. She was - and still is, even after her death - a very divisive person: critics openly hate her while supporters claim she actually saved Britain from destruction.

Thatcher's premiership was preceded by the Heath government and the Conservative Party but due to their trouble with oil embargoes and union demands for increasing wages in 1973, they lost the general elections in 1974, and the Labour could form a minority government. Thatcher became the leader of the Conservative Party in 1975, and also the leader of the Opposition. During this period that preceded her premiership, she did...