Iroquois Indians and their heritage.

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The Iroquois Indians where one the most powerful and unique Indians tribes in America and especially the North Eastern corned of North America. Their location in North America was very important to their empire they had established. They had five sub-nations with many villages making up the sub-nation which gave them a very diverse population. They had their own governing system that made them very strong and united under it. They had many foreign allies at the beginning of the American colonies such as the French as trading partners and Indians war and them the British in the American Revolution. Their lifestyles included they way they got their food, their religious and marriage practices (such as who runs the family and their living arrangements), their governmental system, and relational activities. All of the aforementioned topics were all important to the culture of the Iroquois' and their success in America.

Their location in North America was very essential to their role in early American history and how their population was effected. They where located in the upstate of New York between the Niagara Falls and the Adirondack Mountains. Through invading other tribes territories or just the process of migrations to follow herd they ended up extended their boundaries to all over Northeaster North America. At their peak before the settlers came their empire was stretched west from the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, to Kentucky (where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet), all of the southern part of New England and most of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately their decision to side with the British in the American Revolution was their undoing. After they lost they ended up giving up their lands and moving east until they eventually ended up on a reservation in Green Bay or Oklahoma.

The greatness of the empire...