Isadora Duncan: Love And Art

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The Myths of Isadora Duncan Love and Art When I think of love I usually think about finding the right person to be with and having feelings of never wanting to let that person go and always wanting to be around the person I love.

I also think of art as picture on a wall, but to Isadora Duncan, love was passion that thrives in us for someone or something which usually was Art in her case. When Isadora stated "My life has known but two motives-Love and Art-and often Love destroyed Art, and often imperious call of Art put a tragic end to Love. For these two have no accord, but only constant battle," (Isadora Duncan, My Life, p.171), I feel that Isadora meant that she gave up love for her opportunities to dance and she had to give up dance for her opportunities for love.

Isadora had to give up many loves for the sake of her dance. She also had to give up her art for the sake of love. She chose not to give up her children because children were a precious gift to her. "I listened to him undecided…that such a deformation should come to my body, which was the instrument of my Art, again tortured by the call, the hope, the vision of that angel's face, the face of my son." (p.171) Even though she is pregnant, she still wants to continue her art of dance. Isadora tells that she is compelled to give up her child so that she can dance. Isadora doesn't want to stop her art because of motherhood. But for the love of her child, she does.

Motherhood and the art of dance were a conflict to her because she could not bear to hurt her...