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Isaac Newton was born January 4th, 1963 in Woolthorpe Lincolnshire, England. He came from a family of farmers, but met knew his father, who had the same name, Isaac Newton (Died in October 1642, which was three months before his son was born). Isaac Newton's father was a wealthy man but he couldn't even sign his own name. Isaac's Mother, Hannah Ayscough, remarried Barnabas Smith, a minister, when Isaac was two years old. The young boy was then left to his Grandmother, Margery Ayscough.

Isaac Newton was treated like an orphan, and did not have a happy childhood. He didn't show any interest in school at a young age when he attended Free Grammar School, in Grantham. He was troubled in his youth ages, and even threatened to burn his parents and their house. His school reports described him as 'idle' and 'inattentive'. Isaac Newton left school at age 19 to help his mother manage estate, but soon showed no interest in that, and returned to school Free Grammar School.

His uncle, William Ayscough decided that Isaac Newton should attend a university. On June 5th, 1661 he entered Trinity College Cambridge, were he received allowance toward college expenses by acting as a servant to other students.

Isaac Newton's aim at Cambridge was a law degree, but he studied philosophy and optics. While going through College, Isaac Newton recorded all his thoughts in a book he titled, Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae (Certain Philosophical Questions). Newton started to show much more interest in learning at that age, and he also became more of a free thinker.

Isaac Newton earned his masters degree at Cambridge in 1667. Soon after, he was elected to a major fellowship at Trinity College. A professor named Barrow tried to ensure that Newton's Mathematical achievements became known to the...