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Dear Citizens, As president of the United States I would like to inform you of the crisis that have come about, and how I plan to solve them. However some of you may not be thrilled with the resolutions that I have made. The major crisis that I will inform you with is as follows; nationalizing the Spoils system, the Webster-Hayne duel, and the cabinet crisis The spoils system is a reward for the political supporters with public office. This has been introduced to the government on a large scale. After Jefferson left, I extended the system to more people. The system has already been made secure in New York and Pennsylvania. Politics are now a full time thing. No party has come about since the federalists. I am determined to get a New Democracy started before I leave office and here is how I plan to do so. I will remove all of the Adams-Clay gang, and replace them with my own men.

I hope that this will make for a strong government.

The Webster-Hayne duel is another problem that I face. New England is angry at the expansion of the West. This expansion is cutting into the eastern population and hurting our political balance. A New England Senator has come up with a resolution that he has proposed to me. He has asked to cut the sale of public land. This problem has cause sectional jealousies. The south is looking for sectional allies with the west. Their spokesperson happens to be Robert Hayne. He brought up good points about the grievances towards to south. He brought up points such as the Tariff of Abominations and Calhouns doctrine of nullification. Webster the spokesman for New England brought up the Union and how the people not the states made the constitution. I however figured out a great way to handle this problem. I have listened to both sides and have come up with this; Jefferson will be speaking on behalf of the nullification. When he is finished I am going to say that the union is more important, and if that is not liked I will call for the army and finish it that way. I hope however that it will not come down to that.

Finally I am concerned with the cabinet and the nationalistic setbacks. The cabinet is not very strong and the members are made up of executive clerks. The only person who is any good is my secretary of state Martin Van Buren. The cabinet has fallen due to the "Eaton malaria" The Secretary of War has married Peggy O'Neale. My family really doesn't approve of her too much. They feel that she has been to friendly with the men. I have tried to raise her social class, but my family just would not accept her. I feel that if I break away from Calhoun and his followers for good all the problems related to the cabinet will go away. However problems with the Union would occur because Calhoun is such a strong nationalist. There can only be one way to fix that and that is to veto a bill that was improving the Maysville Road. This would go against the American-system witch I plan to change anyway.

Hopefully most of you agree with me on my plans for the problems that are occurring. I promise you that the changes will benefit us in many ways. Thanks for your support and corporation. Thank you!