Japanese Internment Camps

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In this report I have chosen to talk about the Japanese- American internment during World War 2. I will discuss the events and actions leading up to the decision for the internment camps. I will then discuss the living arrangements of the camps. I will talk a little about the people who lived there and then I will give some facts about the camps and the Internment in the U.S.

During World War 2 not just the Japanese but the American people discriminated against Germans and Italians that originated in their home countries. After Pearl Harbor was attacked America immediately entered the war. This brought even more harassment to the immigrants. People who lived in the U.S. were now in an outrage and were even afraid that there might be terrorists or spies in the country. This led to a nation wide outrage against Germans, Italians, and Japanese people Citizens and Aliens.

Congress even started talk about warnings of danger from Japanese Americans.

When the United States began to see Japanese, Germans, and Italians as a threat they had to think quickly to come up with a solution to eliminate any threat and the harassment towards immigrants and American Citizens. Most people wanted to deport and get rid of every Japanese, Italian, and German decent and alien. Liet. Gen. John L. DeWitt who was the Defense Command and Fourth Army came up with an idea to not get rid the people in the situation but to move them from any military bases and put them in groups so they can be watched. DeWitt announced that "such persons or classes of persons as the situation may require will be subsequent proclamation be excluded." People were given warning to move or relocate themselves before the evacuation of immigrants' well in advance. Some...