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With a voice like his, no wonder J. D. Hayworth over one of the largest districts in the United States. In fact, Wisconsin democratic Representative David R. Obey said, "To the gentleman from Arizona, every time somebody says something you don't like, you open your mouth and you start shouting from your seat. You are one of the most impolite members I have ever seen in my service in this house." (www.cq.com) The man that Mr. Obey is referring to is Arizona sixth District Representative John D. Hayworth, the man that represents the third largest district area in the United States. This district is so large that it is extremely diverse in nature. Hayworth represents a diverse range of people everything from native Americans to people from big cities such as Scottsdale. District six, the northern and eastern portions of Maricopa County. It stretches to Pinal County in the south, boarders Utah in the north and boarders New Mexico in the east.

This district also has many historical facts and places associated with the location. He is a great man who is also remarkably important to the congress. Every one in his district has discovered his great ability and has devoloped devotion to their genius in congress, dispite the fact that he was raised in North Carolina, represenitive Hayworth now is faithful to his district including his home in Scottsdale. (www.house.gov) Having received the majority vote over the incumbant in 1994, J. D. Hayworth has remained undefeated in each subsequent election From that time on he has been crucial to Congress, serving in many different committees and even some leadership positions. John D. Hayworth, the loaded mouth that he is, serves Arizona's sixth district well. He is one of the key members in Congress and has done many...