Jean Louise "Scout" Finch Character Journal from "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

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Dill, Jem and I snuck out of the house to follow Atticus to the town center. Eventually, we saw Atticus sitting in front of the jail. Jem said we should go home, but just as he said that four cars drove up by Atticus and a bunch of men stepped out. They told him to step away from the jail. Just then, I ran toward Atticus, Jem and Dill came out after me. I heard one of the men tell Atticus he had fifteen seconds to get the kids out of here. Then I looked up and noticed Mr. Walter Cunningham in the crowd. I told Mr. Cunningham to say hello to his son for me. He approached me and agreed to let him know. Mr. Cunningham told everyone to leave and Atticus took us back home.

The trial started today and everyone came to watch it, except for Miss Maudie.

She said watching someone on trial was like attending a Roman carnival. Jem, Dill and I waited for everyone to enter the courtroom before we snuck in. Because we were late, we were forced to sit in the balcony by Revered Sykes.

Mr. Gilmer called Mr. Heck Tate to the stand. Mr. Tate gave his story about what happened on the night of November 21. When Atticus questioned Mr. Tate, he found out that that Mayella’s bruises were concentrated mostly on the right side of her face. Mr. Tate leaves the stand and Bob Ewell is called. When Atticus gets to cross-examine Mr. Ewell, he makes him sign his name on a piece of paper. Atticus points out that he is left-handed and that a left-handed person is more likely to leave bruises on the right side of a person’s face.

The next person to be called to the...