Jefferson Davis.

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Jefferson Davis

On June 3 of the year 1808, Jane Davis gave birth to her tenth and final child with her husband Samuel Davis. The child was named Jefferson Finis Davis. Jefferson's parents named him after their favorite president Thomas Jefferson. The child's middle name, Finis, is Latin for "the end" for his parents believed this was their last child. Little Jeff was what he was known as. He seemed to have been born under a lucky star. He had a quick mind and an active body. As a child, Jefferson's family moved from place to place. The Davis family finally settled at Rosemon, their home in Mississippi.

In Mississippi, Jefferson attended the Woodville school. Soon after Davis' father decided that Little Jeff was not getting a proper education. Samuel Davis sent him away to the College of St. Thomas Aquinas, near Springfield, Kentucky at the age of eight years old.

Jeff was the youngest and smallest student at this school. After two years at St. Thomas College, Jane Davis sent for Little Jeff to return home. Jefferson, then, attended a new private school that opened in Woodville, the Wilkinson County Academy for four years. By 1823, Jeff had learned all he could at the Wilkinson Academy. Samuel Davis already had other plans for his youngest son. Jeff was sent to Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. ( At times, Transylvania was considered the Harvard of the South.) Jeff's idea was to finish college and then go on to study law at the University of Virginia. Unfortunately, bad news arose. The Davis family was in debt and payment for Jeff's education was not available. Unknown to Jeff, Joseph Davis, Jeff's brother, had used his " friends in high places" to apply for Jeff's admission to the United States Military Academy...