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On November 27, 1942 a star that has made a lifelong effect was born. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington. Ever since he was a little boy he had a desire for playing the guitar, he received his very first one right before his 14th birthday, in adoration of his parents. Jimi couldn't read music, so he taught himself how to play, then just got better and better. At age 18 Jimi went to the army. He was an airborne jumper. After Jimi got out of the army, he created a band, "Jimi James and The Flames." But it never got widespread. Shortly after the band's distance grew. A former bassist from the "Animals," Chas Channler was introduced to Jimi. He subsequently became Jimi's manager. Over 95% of Jimi's songs were written himself. Chas then made Jimi sing. It wasn't something Jimi wanted to do, but sure enough he was enforced into doing so.

Consequently, Jimi and the new band that Chas Channer produced moved to England to get popular. They knew they weren't going anywhere in the United States because they were to psychedelic for the majority. The next thing to do was to get big, and they successfully attained that objective. Jim released his best and top selling album. Are You Experienced. Around a year after his top selling album, in England, Jimi's music popularity started to fade, and he started to get real depressed. On September 18, 1970 the tragedy struck, he was killed by his unfortunate habit, he was taken to the hospital in Paris where he was pronounced dead in results of a drinking and drug mixture.

Jimi Hendrix, an African American, as well as a star changed the way music was made; he changed it for the better. In his time era there were no synthesizers, we are now fortunate to have abducted this machinery, Jimi didn't need them he entirely conquered the best of his music no matter what. Jimi Hendrix was the first person ever to play the National Anthem on guitar. Jimi had all sorts of exclusive techniques to play his guitar, he played while the guitar was on fire, he played with his teeth, with his tongue, behind his back, ect. He was by far the most finely, incomparable, guitarist to have ever lived.