Joan of Arc Timeline 1) Joan was born in what

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Joan of Arc Timeline 1) Joan was born in what we think maybe 1412? 2) At the age of 13 Joan was already hearing religious voices in her head of what she thinks were saints of God. Also at this time Joan has decided that her mission in life is to help King Charles VII of France drive the English from French soil. 1425 3) At the age of 17 Joan set out to fulfill her mission. 1429 4) Joan was tested and passed to be able to lead a army for her "King". 1429 5) Joan set out in April 1429 to rescue Orleans from English. Joan took this over in only 10 days. 1429 6) On July 17 Joan stood beside her new King getting coordinated.

1429 7) After the coronation Joan became anxious to free Paris. Charles doubted her success at this time but let Joan attempt it.

1429 8) In September 1429 Joan was badly wounded. 1429 9) In May 1430 Joan was captured. 1430 10) May 30, 1431 Joan was burned at the steak, & could not receive a Christian burial. 1431 11) Joan's family asked for a new trial on Joan's death. 1455 12) In 1456 pope pronounced Joan innocent. 1456 13)Pope Pius X beautified her in 1909. 1909 14) Pope Benedict XV declared Joan of Arc a saint. 1920