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Vaneet Randhawa AP Literature Period Five 04/01/02 Romantic Period 623-637, 640, 645-646, 656, 674, 710, 726-729, 745 THE ROMANTIC PERIOD pages 623-637 1. In the spring of 1798 Samuel Taylor Coleridge and another poet sold their poems to raise money for a trip to Germany in which they would write an anonymous book together 2. Upon leaving England, their book, Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems showed up, coming around to being one of the most important poems in English literature 3. This thus began the "Romantic period" in England.

Turbulent Times, Bitter Realities 4. The Romantic Period began with the French Revolution in 1789 and six major poets - William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, Percy Shelley, John Keats, and George Gordon, Lord Byron - and ended with the Parliamentary reforms of 1832 that laid the political foundations for modern Britain.

5. This era included the age of revolution in Europe as America began its age of freedom in 1776 6.

The revolutions taking place in England and France tremendously affected England as well 7. Democratic idealists and liberals were excited by the events in France, viewing the "new regime" as if it were a tourist attraction 8. When the "September massacre" took place in 1792 in France, even the greatest idealists and liberals became disillusioned 9. Alongside all this turmoil, the French government also changed roles, with Napoleon Bonaparte as the new emperor of France 10. Upon seeing all of this, England declared war on Napoleon and defeated him in 1815, sending Napoleon's navy home at Waterloo.

11. The conservatives in England felt like heroes, while the liberals felt betrayed, like Waterloo was simply the defeat of one despot by another The Tyranny of Laissez Faire 12. The industrial revolution then took place, producing factories, thus increasing...