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Jonathan Davis Jonathan Housemen Davis is a strange and mysterious man.

Being the singer of a band that was nothing and now is everything, he still seems to intrigue the world. How his life goes on, his problems and all the evils in his head come out in pure emotion.

This is what Jonathan Davis is known by. Jonathan's life, up until now has been a strange and hard time, which is why he is how he is today.

Jonathan Housemen Davis was born on January 18th, 1971 to his mother and father Rick Davis in his hometown Bakersfield, California. Jonathan's mother worked in the theater as an actress in plays and shows. Jon's father worked in a music store and associated in the music industry. As a result of this, Jon took up many instruments at a young age. He learned to play the drums and percussion, the piano, the bagpipes as well as many others.

Jonathan's talent started very early and never quit advancing.

(Andrew) Jonathan's high school years were probably the hardest time of his life. He dressed and acted like his favorite musical group Duran-Duran. This 80's retro band was not very popular and many people did not like them. Jonathan got ridiculed and called many names. One of which stood out the most, "HIV". (Andrew) Regardless of all the name-calling and stereotyping, Jonathan went on. He played the bag pipes for his high school band and joined a job placement program. Jon tried to get training being a respritory therapist but there were no more openings. Jonathan then decided to take training as a coroner's assistant. Jonathan was then introduced into a whole new outlook on life.

Being the assistant of a coroner, Jonathan saw many deceased bodies. Bodies that died in crude and obscene ways.

Oddly enough, he took a liking to this job. It intrigued him in a weird way. When Jon graduated high school he attended two semesters at a mortuary college. (Williams) There he got trained to do autopsies and to be a reserve deputy coroner. He was handling all this work just fine until some of the images of the dead bodies haunted his dreams and taunted his thoughts. All this was too much to handle and Jon suffered from posttraumatic stress. With this draining all his mental and physical energy, he had to clear his mind. He quit the coroner profession. (Williams) While in his recovery time, Jonathan joined a band with a couple other people. The band was called Sex Art. The band never really played anything big. They just played local shows and bits at small bars and clubs.(Hollingsworth) One night, Sex Art was playing at a small bar in Bakersfield, two men, Brian Welch and James Schaffer observed Jon's performance on stage. They had a band themselves and thought Jonathan would make a good addition. Brian and James called Jon the next day to see if he would come and try out for their band. Jon was skeptical at first.

He went and talked with a psychic and she said he would be stupid if he didn't try it out. If the band didn't like him, it wasn't meant to be. Jon went and tried out and liked it, as did Brian and James. He joined the band and after a few months they were creating music and on their way. The band KoRn was born. (Housepian 12,13) Ever since then KoRn has created many pieces of music that pulls fans to it like a magnet. With four albums out and one on the way, Jonathan and Korn never fail to intrigue the whole world with their hard, emotional music. Jonathan's life made his music how it is today. All his memories, whether good or bad, come out in his music. This is the key in what makes KoRn different than any other musical band.(Andrews 39,40) Jonathan and all the members of KoRn, will remain in all the minds of their fans as a band that changed the meaning and sound of the modern music scene. All it took was one man who shared his happiness, love, anxiety, hatred, memories and feelings through music.