Joy Hakim and "Glory" Movie - Do Wars Solve Problems?

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During class we watched a quite accurate, emotional and distinct movie based on events that happened during the Civil War. Glory, the movie, was based on letters written by a colonel by the name of Robert Gould Shaw. Shaw was a brave colonel in the Union Army during the Civil War who lead the first group of black soldiers into combat.

In the movie Glory, Robert Shaw trains the black men to become soldiers. He works hard and doesn’t give up no matter who gets injured or emotionally hurt in the process. Thomas his childhood friend enlisted into the army to become a soldier, but once Shaw is seen talking to him while in uniform other generals tell him it’s against regulation. He then forgets their friendship and finishes his job. Robert Shaw treats all the men the same with quality and respect. Soon the blacks are trained and ready for combat, but the head general won’t let them go and fight in battle because of the color of their skin.

Colonel Shaw doesn’t give up, he blackmails people to get his men where they signed up to be and shortly after, they are where they wanted to be: in battle fighting for their rights.

This was an event in Glory that made me think about the time period because, it really made no sense to me at first. The head general knew that Colonel Shaw and many other men had successfully trained these blacks professionally the same way they would have trained any white soldier. Why, just because the color of their skin, they couldn’t fight? They would all just probably die in combat anyway, why wouldn’t he just give them a chance and see what they could do? People back then were so racist they wouldn’t even...