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In 1981, Judy Greene left the company Potaireacht Cléire to start her own business. One year later Judy Greene Pottery was established. The company is specializing in hand thrown terracotta, depicting Irish flora and landscape.

When she started her own business, she did not even have capital or a business plan. It is amazing that she could establish her company close in the Irish market.

Most potters are primarily artists and craftspeople and also business people. Judy Greene is a really ambitious person, who wants to ensure her future prosperity and who is always looking ahead. She is really engaged in managing the production as well as developing new designs and has recorded a high rate of growth over the last ten years.

Handcrafted pottery is not as price sensitive as other products and the pottery which Judy Greene is selling, is in the upper price categories .

We want to find out which types of market research Judy Greene used for getting information and in task 1 we will classify the types of marketing research.

Marketing research is a key element and very important. It is the function that links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information. It essentially deals with information about markets and the reaction of these to price, distribution, promotion and product decisions. Marketing research is a method of collecting data which will make Judy Green more aware of how the people, she hopes to sell to, will react to her products.

There are two main sources of data - primary and secondary .

Secondary research means that an organization relies on information that already exists and which might help to understand the problem or can even help to solve them: it, although it was not intended for...