Juliet - diary entry

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Early this morrow my mother did tell of Paris' love for I. Yet I could not see how it could work no matter how hard I were to try, I told my mother that I would look to love him if I could.

As I were on my way to meet my mother's proposed love for me I see eyes that I have ne'r seen before. In these eyes I have found my true love, I know it now that I can not love anyone but he.

I thought that my mother perchance take a fancy to my new found love and let me follow my chosen path as opposed to her proposed path. Yet I now know that the answer can only be nay, for my love be of the house of Montague, a name that is an enemy to my own. Wherefore must we bare these names like fie.

I feel as though I wear my house's name as the carkanet I wear upon my neck.

This e'en Romeo - my love - came to window and spoke of his love for me. I had gone to my window to do the same, upon seeing me he spoke of how he would do apart with his name if it meant that he might be with me.

I had depart and return but fewer than thrice to speak with my love s he told of how he would send word of his love tomorrow and with it pronounce the marriage between us to me.