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LW 160 Law & Justice in Popular Culture - Paper Template

All stages of each paper should be in a single file. Paper Planner, Draft, Final Revision, blank Rubric for instructor grading.

Peer Review for the Mid-Term Paper will be a separate in-class activity.

Submit the Files as follows (Label them correctly to avoid grade deductions!):

Mid-Term Paper

Final Paper

Mid_Gasparyan_Sargis.topic (Week 7)

Final_Lastname_Firstname.topic (Week 13)

Mid_Gasparryan_Sargis.draft (Week 8)

Final_Lastname_Firstname.draft (Week 14)

Mid_Gasparyan_Sargis.grade (Week 9)

Final_Lastname_Firstname.grade (Week 15)

Include the following certification at the top of your draft and final paper:

"I hereby certify that except for short quotations (marked in quotes with sources cited), every word and idea in this paper is my own and that I did not copy from classmates or others, nor did I seek or receive assistance from anyone else in preparing this paper."

Papers found to lack or violate this certification will be subject to significant grade reductions, depending upon the degree of infraction.

I. Topic Proposal/Paper Planner

Works discussed

In this paper I will discussed three movies, "Twelve Angry Men", "Measure for Measure", "Gideon's Trumpet"

Common Themes, Contrasting Themes

The jury has both positive and negative sides. The advantage of jury is that their decisions are based on reasonable facts. In contrast the disadvantage of jury is that their decisions may be concluded emotionally, as they are not professionals.

Secondary Sources to be cited (be sure to use APA Citation Format)

Clarence S. Darrow, "Attorney for the Defense," Esquire, May 1936, In verdicts out of Court 313, 315(Arthur Weinberg & Lila Weinberg eds. 1963)

Mark Twain, Letter to the editor, New York Tribune, 10 Mar. 1873, at 5

Definitions.uselegal.com "Jury Trial Law & Legal Definition"

Topic sentence

The jury system is group of 12 people that are responsible for finding facts...