Just and unjust laws

Essay by shirleysun February 2004

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Societies nowadays are governed by a set of rules called laws.

Laws are made to ensure the stability of the society and to maintain peace and discipline in the country.

Every citizen is obliged to obey the laws unconditionally. I am opposed to the speaker's claim that unjust

laws should be resisted and disobeyed.Authority and government should take care of and make change to the

unjust laws.

Laws are set up to regluate the every corner of our life. We are supposed to abide by the rules and violators

get their deserved punishment. In a society that is governed by laws, people are aware of the fact that they

should be responsible for their own behaviors and that their wrong doings will affect the stability of the


There's raging debate over whether waht is lawful is always just. As I see it, just laws are commonly accepted

standards of punishing the criminals.

Not only the authority but also the majority of people agree that the laws

can punish the people against it and prevent the people from breaking the specific parts of the society that

is mentioned in the laws.The formation and perfection of the law system is a progressive progess.So, there

must be laws that are considerated unjust. Unjust laws are not rational, partially correct. They might not

punish the criminals that are deserved to be punished, and they might judge the wrong people as guilty.

Revealing through history we will come across many examples where tyrants used unjust laws to torture civilians

and compelled them to follow their unjust laws.

Who is going to decide wether the law is just or unjust then? Of course, we humans, namely the authority and

the people. Authority and government must change back the unjust laws in time...