Justification of a Plan to Assasinate John Howard.

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Justification Of A Plan To Assassinate John Howard

First of all, I don't actually condone the killing of anyone, be it murderer, rapist, or terrorist. But for this English assignment I thought it would be interesting to try an justify the assassination of out Prime Minister, John Howard. I chose the PM as my target because of basically everything that he does, and partly because of his bushy eyebrows. I plain and simple just don't agree with the decisions that he has been making for Australia since his entry into office and the direction that we have been pointed towards with his guidance.

My Mother is a Labor party member and a former political anyalyst, so it's a given that my upbringing has been largely influenced with political ideas and Labor party ideals. John Howard basically represents the exact opposite to these ideals. His recent exploits of sending us into Iraq with America and Great Britain to fight a war based on lies and deceit just reinforces my view that there is no way a man like him, with morals like him, should ever by allowed to rule a country, let alone mine.

What I basically see happening is the Americanisation of Australia. The privatising of our telecommunications company along with many other former government institutions has become standard practice under John Howard. The newly proposed medicare programs and shocking tertiary education changes if successful will be a huge step further towards becoming more and more like the current corporate American empire. Having spent a full year in America myself, on exchange staying with everyday American families and seeing the everyday systems of life, I think I can justly say that it is not a system we want, or definitely one that I don't want, to be emulating...