Juvenile Crime

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Teen years are the most special years in our lives and the ones that form our personality. It is when a person goes through a lot of changes, feelings are sometimes confused and any message that he receives is very important and can affect his personality. While they grow, teens now have to filter images of mass-media violence, range, substance abuse and sexuality. This generation of teens has seen and heard it all, but they have not acquired the maturity to process it in their own lives. Juvenile violence is growing more and more everyday. Teenagers that are full of range, hate, fear and pain, commit the most terrible murders. Murders involving classmates, friends, girlfriends, teachers and even parents.

Violence is the main characteristic of this decade. There is violence everywhere we look. Teenagers are getting so many mixed and confusing messages, that of course they will end up doing terrible things.

TV is a source of violence, 70% of the TV programs contain violence, and even cartoons are full of people fighting and guns and shooting. But of course, it is not that TV is the cause of this social dysfunction. It is many things together, it is the message a person receives from his parents, friends, the kind of interaction he has at school, home; among others.

Family plays a very important part in a teenager life. It is necessary that a youngster has support at his home, that he has somebody to talk to, somebody to get a piece of advice from, somebody to help him. Nowadays, a single parent composes most families or a divorce parent or working parents, so young people do not receive the attention they should. They have become more independent but that does not mean that they are fine just by themselves,