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AbstractThis paper will briefly describe an ancient old time logging system slowly transforming into an innovative way to not only capture time and attendance data but to also ensure employee security through limited access at the job site. In early November 2009 the City of San Antonio in partnership with Kaba Workforce Management Solutions decided to change the way our employees clocked in before and after work. Kaba Management Systems was awarded the contract that will slowly transform an age old system into 20th century timing system. Kaba was officially introduced to city employees January 2nd. The final product will take effect in three phases. The first phase was the training phase; the second phase was installation period and the final phase will be the actual test phase. During the month long test phase employees will clock in with the new and the old system to assure all data is captured.

City of San Antonio Introducing Kaba Workforce Management SolutionsIn early November 2009, the City of San Antonio informed all city employees that the way we managed and tracked our time system was drastically changing. Time and attendance is one of the basic functions that an employee uses to get credit for a day's work. The city viewed the current system as inefficient and expensive, so the overhaul was inevitable.

After numerous bids the city deemed Kaba Management Solutions reputable. Kaba was awarded the task to come in and not only educate the staff but to collect all data and information applicable to ensure that the transition errors would be kept to a minimal. The Kaba Group is a technology leader in the worldwide time management and security industry. (CCNMathews) Kaba provides innovative, comprehensive data not only to track employee time but access control solutions for buildings such a, facilities and sites, as well as solutions for personal and enterprise data collection that meets customers' needs for security, organization and convenience. In the security and data collection field, Kaba has become a principal expert and technology leader for various security and time and attendance solutions. (CCNMathews)Kaba Workforce Management Systems is the next generation timekeeping system that will allow us to plan and manage employee's time. Kaba has taken the paper timecards and old time clocks and transformed them into completely automated devices that can help our department: Control labor costs by minimizing data entry errors and enforcing pay and attendance policies at the time of the punch, minimize overtime by not allowing employees to work outside of their scheduled hours and improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to information like scheduled hours and time-off balances, freeing managers to work on higher-level activities.

Unauthorized access is also a vital concern for the City of San Antonio. So in addition to time management, Kaba is also tasked with installing access control monitors at all city facilities. An access control system prevents unauthorized entry and works as an early deterrent. There are many benefits of using an access control system such as: Employee safety and protection of assets, restricts unauthorized access, provides audit trail, and eliminates key problems.

Employee safety and the protection of their assets while on the job is the major concern from both the employee and employer. The job site is the last place you want to feel unsecure or constantly worrying about your valuables. As a manager you want your employees to focus on their tasks and not what could potentially happen. Kaba's access control system provides that protection and peace of mind. Kaba has called their system, "a sentinel at the work site."(Kaba) Armed with highly-visible, strategically-placed electronic access control devices, the Kaba system is an extremely effective deterrent (Kaba). It provides a very efficient means of granting entry, while maintaining a high level of building and property security.

In addition to employee and asset protection, Kaba will allow entry to only those who are authorized and keeps out unwelcome guest that can quickly become potential risks. Electronic access allows you to decide who is allowed entry to every door and gate by time of day. For example, executive management can be allowed access to all areas at all times 24x7x365, while certain workers can be restricted to entry through specified doors only during normal business hours.

Kaba controlled access system not only restricts who can go where and when through their audit trail feature. Through internet access authorize personal can view audit trails of who is accessing your facility and when. You can easily find out who was in a specific area at an exact time that an incident occurred. Kaba access system will also eliminate all the problems associated with mechanical key and lock systems. e.g. the time and cost of re-keying when an employee is terminated, the cost of duplicate keys, lost keys, tracking who has keys, worrying about easy-to-duplicate keys getting in the wrong hands, etc.

Cutting edge technology has led to a better, smarter, easier ways to record employee time and provide a secure working environment. Time clocks and handwritten timecards have had their day. Unwelcomed guest will be the thing of the past. In the end the city will not only be able to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors but they will be the innovators when it comes to employees well being. This will make for a more pleasant work place environment.

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