The Keys To Happiness

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The Keys To Happiness

Happiness can be found in many ways but through brainstorming I found that three main keys to achieve it are, having a good attitude, respect for yourself and others and being well organized. These aren't only keys to happiness but those to success.

A good attitude will make a big difference in our lives. All well-established people have something in common, an appealing attitude. A good attitude will attract plenty of friends, build a better relationship with your family and help boost your marks. At school, children with a positive attitude towards learning usually do well in school. Students with a positive school attitude generally participate more. Participation has an influence on your final marks. Children with good attitudes are easier to teach,they are not a source of stress for teachers. Kids with a good attitude are easier to raise. Parents don't have to constantly nag and punish them.

Parents will like spending more time with there kids if they have a positive attititude. People with positive attitudes have loads of friends. Everyone likes a friend that encourages you, is caring and helpful, listens to your ideas and no matter how bad the situation, finds something positive to say. A good attitude is something you must always be working at . It doesn't just happen in a day, it takes time to develop.

Being organized is very important in our society of today whether it's at home, school or just with your friends. Organization can reduce stress, make you get better marks. It will make you be more responsible, which all parents like.

At school, being organized will help you a lot. Someone with a disorganized locker will probably find it hard to find their books and might be late for class causing a...