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24 September 2014

The Wrongful Misconception Of Boo

The character Boo had horrific myths attached to his name even though he eventually left gifts inevitably leading to him being an unlikely ally of Jem and Scout. The name Boo is that of a man named Arthur Radley, who is described early and often as a tall scary looking human being. He is said to have been seen mostly at night running around devouring possums and cats. He was often regarded as a phantom due to the reason that he is only seen at night and is looking to feed his big appetite. The character Boo might be seen as a monster only due to the fact of how his parents chose to raise him.

Furthermore, Mr. Conner locked him up within the courthouse at first when he got into trouble with the law because he decided to resist arrest.

While hanging with the Cunningham's he was often looked as the nearest thing to a gang and then to throw caution to the fire they were arrested. This act of discipline resulted from them disturbing the peace, assault and battery, but they all did not get the same punishment all around. The character Boo was not sent off to the states industrial school like the others even though it was not looked as like a prison and it had no disgrace, Mr. Radley thought otherwise though. He made a promise to the judge that as long as Boo stayed out of trouble and caused no further issues, he could be released into his custody. The judge without hesitation took Mr. Radley's word as if it was gold and was happy to release boo.

In my opinion in the book "To Kill...