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The film, To kill a mocking bird opened up with the small family -- Atticus Finch and his two children, Scout and Jem. Because his wife was passed away, then he had to raise his two children by himself. He raised them with letting them learning from their experiences like the adult. Along the film, the other characters are linked with the three main characters. Therefore, the environment around the three main characters are formed their attitudes, perspectives and moral ethics. This small family's home is set in the quiet town of Maycomb, Alabama. Everyday all people lived and enjoyed with their peaceful lives. However this town is including three communities: the white folk, the black community and the white trash. If we looked from the outside, three communities are harmony and peaceful, but underneath of three communities combined of hostility, racial prejudices and friendlessness. One summer, Jem and Scout had a new friend name Dill.

Dill came to live in their neighborhood for this summer. The next morning day, Scout went to school for the first time with unwillingness and detestation. Along the way to school, they passed one house. That house was terrifying to them. After that they knew from Atticus that Mr. Nathan Radley, the brother and Boo, the lunatic man were the owner of the house and lived there for years without going outside. After Scout and Jem came back from school, They found the gift that was left for them in a knothole of a tree on Boo's house. Then Dill had returned in the following summer and three children began to find out the story of Boo. Because of their curiosity, they tried out to make Boo to come out of the house. However, Atticus warned them to avoid to torment Boo and...