To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chapter 1: In this chapter the characters names and descriptions were given to us. One character is named Jem who is kind of obsessed with himself, another character is called Scout who seems to be very calm and observant in most situations and another chatacter is called Dill who has just been introduced to the Finch family and he has a fascinating curiosity with Boo Radley . I think the most interesting character is Atticus, Jem and Scout?s father because how he handles himself in variation of situations . This story starts with Scout narrating it and telling about the Finch family history which is quite interesting in telling about how their first relatives came to be settled in the town of Maycomb .

Chapter 2 : I felt that in this chapter Miss Caroline was being Quite a bit mean . I also noticed that Scout being able to read is bad and Miss Caroline would be impressed if she did the work .Scout

would get whippings for just recieving information and progressing in her studies. I felt bad for Scout and the others like her during those times that when you got a bit of an education you would always get whipped and get hollared at for having doing so. Back in those times it appears that they were crude and unrefined in manner like situations and when someone would get in trouble , and both would have the same outcome of punishment. Luckily it has changed since then for me at least ! Chapter 5 : In this chapter Dill?s obsession with the Boo and his house has almost become reality and because of his obsession he has dragged both Jem and Scout into maniacs about Boo and they have both been acting like Dill. They have...