"To Kill a Mockingbird": Atticus "One shot Finch", and the mockingbirds of the novel.

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Atticus is said to be 'the deadliest shot in Maycomb County'. This is because in an incident in Chapter 10, Atticus is called upon to rid Maycomb County of a sick, unhealthy mad dog, which could cause much harm to the community if it got a chance to attack the people. The dog, Tim Johnson, is infected with rabies, and the best person in Maycomb to rid the county of this hazard is Atticus Finch. The county sheriff therefore summons Atticus, an expert marksman does it. Backed by his childrens' confidence and silent support as well as that of the sheriff, Atticus aims at the dog as it slowly enters his surroundings. He concentrates on it and with swift precision, 'One shot Finch' shoots the infected animal and prevents it from infecting others.

Atticus is a man well-driven by principles and moral convictions. One of his philosophies is 'it's a sin to kill a mockingbird'.

This reflects his belief that all persons must be equally respected and treated indifferently. He says 'mockingbirds just sing, they don't bother anybody'. Atticus believes that when a person is trying to do a service to someone, tryin to help persons, or trying to help himself, it is a great injustice to try to destroy the person's lifestyle just because someone does not appreciate it. One character who can be considered a mockingbird is Boo Radley. He is a citizen of Maycomb, who hardly associates with neighbors. He keeps himself shut in from the community of Maycomb, but everal persons, including atticus' children feel that he should come out of his house and assume a more social attitude.

Tom Robinson is also a mockingbird, who, through trying to help a white lady, Mayella Ewell, sparks a great outrage in Maycomb County. He...