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In the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"Jem and Scout have a painful and difficult experience growing up. Jem and Scout both grow physical and mentally throughout the novel and show their changes with positive outcomes. Jem and Scout have grown up in an environment where morals are different as to what they have been taught by their father Atticus.

Scout and Jem learnt various lessons throughout the novel. " You ain't got no business bringing white chillum here- they got their church we got our'n. " introduces the theme of racism and religion and this statement shows us how religion is an important role for the citizens of Maycomb. The Maycomb County was filled with racial prejudice and Scout and Gem were unfamiliar with this. " It's the same God, aint' it?" this statement was said by Calpurnia and shows us how Calpurnia who was a black citizen of Maycomb was more welcoming in comparison to most white citizens in Maycomb. Calpurnia represents Harper Lees voices and symbolizes change. She shows Jem and Scout how the colour of your skin does not indicate where you stand on the hierarchy chain because Calpurnia tries to bring two races together.

Miss Maudie impacts Scouts life a great amount and helps Scout and Jem to understand Atticus a great deal more, she has a positive impact on their lives." His names Arthur and he's alive." Shows that Miss Maudie does not follow the town's rumors and humanizes "Boo" Radley by giving him a name. Miss Maudie changes Scout and Jem's view on Arthur Radley and Teaches them that it is important to treat people equally. "Miss Maudie's hand closed tightly on mine, and I said nothing," Miss Maudie teaches Scout to act like a woman...