To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Describe how the title relates to the narrative? Describe how the title relates to adversity and challenge? What adversities befall scout?

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A mockingbird is a symbol of innocence. IN the title to kill a mockingbird, the mockingbird represents the black man who is wrongly charged with rape. He was innocent. He is murdered in this book, which relates specifically to this title. He was the mockingbird and he was killed.

This title also relates to the area of adversity and challenge because it is an adversity to kill a something innocent, which is what a mockingbird represents, innocence. The way the tittle is written suggests that the book is also about the consequences of killing a mockingbird. The consequences of killing anything so innocent that it can be symbolised as a mockingbird would have challenging consequences for example, dealing with the guilt. This is how the title relates to challenge.

The adversities that befall the Scout, the protagonist, are:

· Having to grow up without a mother. Her mother died when scout was so young that now scout can't even remember her.

· Growing up in a town full of racism. Maycomb is divided, a part for the whites and a part for the blacks. There is a lot of hatred and misunderstanding between these two races along with a very prominent financial gap.

· Not being understood by a lot of the conformative ladies in Maycomb. Scout is a very outspoken little girl whom has gone out of her way not to conform to her communities "dress code" and ladylikeness. She is always getting around in overalls and is known around town as a tomboy. At the party it is clear she does not fit in and does not feel comfortable among the ladies of the town, and her Aunt gives it to her a lot about being a Tomboy.