To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee

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This story takes place in a small southern town in

Alabama called Maycomb. The county was called

Maycomb as well. The specific locations that were

used in the book the most were the house of the main

characters, Finch's landing, the Maycomb court room,

and the Radly house. The time period of this book

was around 1935.

The central character, and the narrator of this

book is Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout.

Throughout the course of the book, Scout changed

from an immature girl in overalls to a mature, young


Many characters affected this change, among

those would be her older brother Jeremy Atticus

Finch, better known as Jem. Scout looked up to Jem

and followed in his footsteps. For example, when Jem

and Dill Harris were planning to go to Boo Radly's

house to place a note on the window Scout insisted

that she tag along.

Jem also tried to keep her safe

like in the end when he tried to stop Bob Ewell from

hurting her, even though it would only redirect the

attack to him.

Another person who greatly affected Scout was

Atticus Finch, her father, he contributed to her

change by looking at her more like an adult than a

child. Anytime she had a question that a child would

not normally get an answer for asking, Atticus would

give her a truthful answer. He also set good morals

for Scout and Jem. For example, when she asked her

uncle a question and he didn't give her a truthful

answer Atticus got very upset about it, and later

answered it for her.

The next character who affected Scout would be

her Aunt Alexandre, a person that Scout did not favor

much throughout the book. Her Aunt desperately

attempted to turn Scout...