To Kill A Mokingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird "Takes readers to the roots of human behavior."(H. Lee) The book portrays how the people of Maycomb County can be cruel and unkindly. This book shows how being different in this society could cause many problems for oneself. In this book and during the time that this book was made, the 1930s, people did not except differences very well. People who were different did not get the rights and respect that they deserved.

There is a lot of discrimination against blacks in this book. Blacks did not have much welcome in Maycomb County. "The blacks wouldn't enter the courtroom until all of the whites had entered."(H. Lee) Blacks were thought as the trash of the community, just a piece of worthless junk.

In To Kill a Mockingbird and during the 1930s racism was a very influential and important part of society. An example from the book is the court case against Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson was black so when he was accused of raping a white girl there was no way for him to win the case. This is because in society and in the courtroom a white mans word is taken over a black mans word. Tom was prosecuted by the girls white father. He said "Some Niger raped my girl," and since a white mans word is taken over a black mans word Tom was charged with rape and sentenced to jail.

Another example of racism in the book comes from the police officers that the government employees. When Tom Robinson tried to escape from being jailed he was not only shot ounce, but seventeen times. This just further proves that blacks were thought of as trash. Blacks were called "Niger" or "Negro", they were spit at, tormented, secluded, and even the government didn't...