What kind of person is Lady Macbeth? Do you Feel any sympathy for her?

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William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. Macbeth was one of his later plays. Shakespeare's works are recognised around the world, his plays are performed in many theatres and many have been turned into modern day films. One of the many reasons why his plays are still at large today is that they are timeless. He writes about 'the human condition', relationships between people, this is something that will stay the same for as long as humans are alive. In Romeo and Juliet the play is about love and how far and to what it will lead you, Twelfth Night is about the troubles you make for yourself when you begin with deceit and Macbeth is about power and fate and how much you can be changed by your own greed. It's a widely asked question of Macbeth, that if the witches hadn't predicted the plot would it still have happened the way it did? Most of Shakespeare's plays have some comical value, however Macbeth is not true to that statement.

It is said to be a cursed play and the superstitious refuse to talk about it by name and instead call it 'The Scottish play'.

Lady Macbeth is a strong character in Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. She is a dominant figure throughout the play. Although she is not featured as much as Macbeth her underlying influence on the story is talked about just as much if not more. Her first scene gives us an insight to her personality. We also see how others perceive her, at this point in the play Macbeth is still the 'hero' and all we have heard is of his good reputation. Lady Macbeth enters the scene reading a letter from her husband, Macbeth. We automatically know they have a strong relationship because he has...