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Arthur: Fact, Fiction or Legend?

Sir Thomas Malory wrote regarding the legendary exploits of King Arthur. Arthur was often debated as fact or fictional. (see Appendix I)

He was the legendary British King who appeared in Medieval romances as the sovereign of a knightly fellowship. It has not been certain, however, if Arthur was fact, fiction or legend. An overview of the history of the times in which Malory and Arthur lived has aided readers and historians in their quest for Arthur. Sir Thomas Malory

Malory and Arthur lived during the Medieval Period that dated from 1066 to 1485. (1-31) The Period began with the Norman Conquest began in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings. William "The Conqueror" Duke of Normandy defeated Harold the King of England. (1-31) William imposed Marshall law and a strong government whose lines of authority were clearly defined. (1-31)

The Normans was a name derived from Northman.

The Normans descended from the Vikings. (1-31) Their dual kingdoms where from both England and Normandy. (1- 32) they had a complicated The Feudal System was a complicated system of landholding. No one owned land independently. The feudal system was an elaborate chain of loyalties. (1-33) The Medieval Church began in the 11th to the 15th Century. Latin was the main language of the church and almost everyone in the church was Christian. They were all responsible. (1-33).

There was much information leading to the non-existence of King Arthur. Many points that were brought up and no one has been able to offer any conclusive proof that a real, historical, human King Arthur ever existed in any incarnation or by any name. Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed to have had in his possession a "certain very ancient book written in the British language." Unfortunately, this book has never been...