The King's Speech Reflection Paper

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History - 18 C

Reflection Paper # 2

While I was nonchalantly sitting on a stone bench between Faura and Horacio Dela Costa Halls to think about a nice and witty introduction in this reflection paper, I ended up finding myself being amused on watching each random passerby at red brick road. A realization suddenly sprung into my mind that they also live a life as vivid and complex as mine-occupied with their own ambitions, dreams, friends, routines, and worries-an epic story that continues invisibly around me like the roots of a tree sprawling deep underground, with intricate passageways to hundreds of other lives that I didn't know have existed, in which I might just appear to them only once, as an extra writing a poem in the background, as a blur of passenger in a train, as a lighted window at dusk.

Retaining that kind of introspection, there were times I badly wanted to experience firsthand what it's like to live the lives of other people.

Frequently, I imagine myself being the eldest son of a royal or elite family. Even those remarkable people who made it to the top of our records and able to etch their achievements in human history aren't exempted on my list. I wonder what it will be like if my name being mentioned around the world because of, let say, my great contribution towards societal progress. However, despite of such delusions, I constantly remind myself that they're also a human like me and shouldn't be put in a pedestal to idolize. They just have the opportunities at the most favorable moment in which not all of us have.

With that being said, everybody is trapped in our respective mortal bodies and is allowed to live only one short life. We may not be...