The Krispy Kreme doughnut recipe

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The Krispy Kreme doughnut recipe could possibly be the most wanted recipe in the world. The recipe is kept locked in a safe at a plant in North Carolina, where the dough mix is made. None of the Krispy Kreme employees know the ingredients of the dough, including the franchisees. The dough is made at the plant and sent out to the 200 plus Krispy Kreme shops. At these locations the dough is mixed with the yeast and made into the famous doughnuts.

The various Krispy Kreme shops begin the production of doughnuts at 5:30am, when bags of dough are poured into a large mixer. The mixer is next paused for a 14 minute rise. The large ball of dough is then picked up by a crane and placed into a machine that shapes the dough into the doughnuts. The dough balls that are lifted, could weigh anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds each.

The doughnut shapes are next moved into a glass enclosed chamber for 32 minutes then moved into a deep fryer, mechanically. The last step of the process is where the doughnuts come out of the deep fryer for a coating of glaze. In most of the shops, the original glazed doughnuts are made from 5:30am-11:00am, and then the production of the other doughnut varieties takes place.

Krispy Kreme has recently announced a new technology that will help them to open new stores. This new technology is a conveyor oven and glazing system. This new technology is much like its current equipment. The difference with the new system is that it's designed to complete cooking doughnuts that have already been prepared at a factory store. The new machine takes up less space, does not require as much labor to produce doughnuts, and does not require as much...