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There can be many ways that an employee can be terminated, especially those that claim that they are someone who they truly aren't. The case studied in the text reveals that someone that hired at Becton Dickinson was actually convicted of an attempted murder charge. This was something that the company was not cognizant of because they did not do a thorough background check on this individual because his resume was so impressive. This too happened at Kroll Associates when they determined that "39 percent turned up problems such as fraud, bankruptcy, and SEC violations that were serious enough to nix the employment offers being considered" (Human Resource Management, 263). This type of misinformation and lack of due diligence even had a fake CEO costing the jobs of more than one third of its workforce. This type of deceit that these individuals have created had huge consequences, which not only affected themselves but other employees at those organizations.

1. People applying for jobs are always motivated to display themselves in the best light, and as a result, this can sometimes lead to inaccurate portrayals of abilities, skills, experiences, and personality. Based upon what you have read in this chapter, how should you approach a job applicant's written application and resume if your goal is to make sure that they accurately reflect the person's past experiences and accomplishments?

The most obvious answer to this is follow up on their application. The employer should delve into the application by checking references of each of the job related past experiences that the applicant included on their resume. "Just a few employers would think of hiring someone without an interview, nearly all employers also use some method of getting background information on applicants before an interview. This information can be solicited from...