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Kudler Fine Food Expansion

Michael C. Gallo


July 21, 2014

Fred Bennett





Kudler Fine Food Expansion

Kudler Fine Foods is looking at expanding to a new location within the next seven months. We will lay out a series of goals designed to have a new store open within the next six to seven months. First we must determine the most ideal location. Second we will find a property that will meet our requirements. Third will be the renovating of the location to ensure it follows Kudler's design aspect and creates the proper atmosphere. Fourth will be hiring new staff, and training them. Fifth will be to advertise and create a buzz for the store opening. Last will be to stock the store.

We will start by hiring a team to assess the demographics of the locations that appeal to us.

We have allotted 30 days maximum for this to be accomplished. After which we will decide on the area that we feel works best to meet our sales goals. Once the area has been decided on we will contact the local commercial real estate agents and will go about finding a suitable building. No more than four weeks will be spent on finding and securing a location although we hope to have this done sooner.

Once the building has been chosen and has been secured we will begin renovating the space. Based on prior experiences we have had with our three stores we are allotting three months for the renovation. During this same time we will go about setting up transfers of key personnel from current store that we feel are essential to getting the store up and running. We will also begin our hiring process.