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KUNDUN Kundun is a film depicting the life and times of the fourteenth spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama. He was a great man of numerous good qualities, which were clearly shown in the movie. He took his duty to lead the country of Tibet very seriously, even at such a young age. Kundun was discovered at the age of two, but only started his new life at around the age of four. He was a leader with much compassion for his people, he was also very courageous and determined never to let his fellow Tibetans down.

At the young age of four he knew exactly what he was getting himself into, and without hesitation went along with it. He knew he was chosen to help the people of his land, and felt rather privileged, as any other would, yet Kundun went about it differently than any other four year old in this world.

He accepted leaving his family to start a new, and very different life. There were no tantrums and no tears, the new leader acted with great maturity along with made his family proud. In the years to come there would be cause for his family to be even prouder.

As the years went by, Kundun became a great man who would always keep his word. An example of this is when China started to invade Tibet, Kundun believed that non-violence was the answer, he refused to let himself be pushed into letting his people fight to get their way. Even though it would take longer with non-violence he would not do it any other way. He refused to take the easy way out because he had to set an example for his people. Everything Kundun did had to be done properly because the country...