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Discussion Questions ! Section 1 Of Mice and Men!

Of Mice and Men Section 1 Test!! Directions: Use the following questions to review what's happened in Section 1. You must answer in complete sentences/paragraphs in order to receive credit for your answers. Your answers should directly correlate to the text to show your comprehension.!! 1. Describe the mood that is established by the imagery in the first two paragraphs of the

novel.!!!!!!!! 2. Why does George get angry with Lennie?!!!!!!!!!! 3. What does the dead mouse in Lennie's jacket pocket reveal about Lennie?!!!!!!!!! 4. Why does George insist that Lennie remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they'll be working?!!!!!!!! 5. After George throws away Lennie's dead mouse, Lennie begins to cry. What does this scene reveal about BOTH men?!!!!!

Unlike George, Lennie is somewhat unaware of his surroundings and environment. When they got to the clearing, Lennie and George came to a pool and Lennie immediately begins to drink the water. George had to stop him because he might've gotten sick. George is frustrated with Lennie because they had to leave their last job.

The mood at the beginning of the book is somewhat sacrificial and loving. George has to continue to have a soft heart for Lennie, he knows his condition. He has to keep a positive attitude and help Lennie too by telling him about their future.

The mouse signifies the fact that Lennie has the ability to be a little too strong and he's unaware. He doesn't know that he's hurting the mouse. Its not on purpose.

He wants Lennie just to work. He's a hard worker, but when he talks he doesn't sound all that intellagent. When he talks he messes up things. George just wants him to show how hard...