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I will be primarily using information found from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics website,, to research how nurse wages are calculated in California. While researching how nurse wages are calculated in California I came across several different factors that contribute to the total wage. First, a nurse's education; the more education a nurse has, the more one makes. Second, a nurses tenure; a nurse that has been in service longer will stand to make more than someone who is just starting out. Third, if a nurse specializes in a particular field; for example, works for hospital, surgeon, hospice, etc will determine if a nurse will make more or less.

I established that nurses get paid by the hour and it really depends on where you are living within California on how much you will be paid. A registered nurse working in San Jose, California will make about $44.42

an hour while a nurse working in Santa Rosa, California will make less at $38.84 an hour; however, on average a nurse in California will make about $36.12 an hour (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007).

If a nurse specializes they also make more money than those who work in general positions; this is due to education and sometimes tenure. A nurse that works at a nursing care facility in California will make about $25.81 per hour; however, this industry has a high employment rate and is a good way to put ones foot in the door. Of course the hourly rate is different depending on the area where one works within California (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007). A nurse will make more money if they work in general medical and surgical hospitals at $29.31 per hour. As stated before, the wage...