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The text defines labor relation as the" function that articulates the proficiency managers and union leaders can use to curtail costly forms of conflicts (such as strikes) and explore mutually satisfactory solutions to disagreements" (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhert, Wright, 2007). Typically, a union is an organized group of workers who have a say in the improvement of their jobs and the quality of work within the organization. Unions help workers to negotiate pay, benefits and working conditions that may arise. Unions are defined as "organizations formed for the purpose of representing their members' interest in dealing with employees (Noe, et. al, 2007). Unions have a role because some degree of conflict is inevitable between workers and management" (Noe, et. al, 2007). This paper will identify the impact of and labor relations on organizations. The paper will also evaluate the effect of changes in employee relations strategies, policies and practices on organizational performance.

Organizing CampaignUnions generally begin their involvement with an organization's employees by conducting an organizing campaign. Representatives of the union attempt to persuade a majority of workers that they are receiving inadequate pay or other employment benefits. In voting in an organized union, the union will help them achieve better pay and other employment benefits. (Noe, et al, 2007). Management and independent contractors are not allowed to be a part of the union.

ElectionsEligible employees are provided with ballots with which to cast their votes. After the votes have been cast, they are verified by a member of the National Labor Relations Board. If the union has been accepted in by a majority vote, the vote is certified and the union can begin negotiations on behalf of the employees.

Contract Negotiations"Contract negotiations in a union setting involve decisions about pay structure, job security, work rules, workplace safety, and many...