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Jayde Chapa Tomlin

Dr. Huse

English 100

October 20, 2014


Being a freshman you have high hopes for what the year will bring now that you are in college. College is a whole new world and different way of living. Leaving behind a long list of rules, reminders, re-do's, and most importantly the ones we love. So we can push our self to achieve and accomplish things we didn't think we could. They have taught us all they know and we can only take that knowledge and apply it. Our parents' are one of the most influential role moles in a child life time. Without knowing it we pick up our eating habits from our caregivers, and we take those skills with us to college and beyond. Many college students neglect their nutritional needs. It's never too late to start eating healthy. Nutrition for college students plays a big role in their early adulthood.

In my opinion, one of the most important jobs is being a food and nutrition specialist. I am a student at The University of Tennessee at Martin. I am concentering on changing my major to being a food and nutritionist.

Nutrition is the study of the relationship between foods and health. Nutritionists teach people about preventing or treating nutrition-related problems. There are so many things wrong with the world of food in terms of health we are what we eat. Nutrition science majors study how our bodies transform everything that we consume everyday into energy we can use. Nutrition specialists also study how aging, illness, exercise, and pregnancy affects our digestion. Nutritionists help solve community problems such as hunger. Nutritionists provide education to children in schools, adults in worksites, and community centers around the world by helping further education on nutrition. Nutritionist...