Langston Hughes

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In 1932, one of America?s greatest and most celebrated writers made a journey to what was considered unjust land. He took this adventure to help friends with the taping of a movie about black Americans (Rummel 81). Yet as honest and pure as going to a different country to film a movie, this trip made Langston Hughes a marked man by the F.B.I. It is true that Mr. Hughes had interests in certain areas of communism, but his faith, love of country and honor belonged to America; his home that turned on him. Through all of the harassment, pain and suffering, Langston Hughes remains today as he will forever, one of the greatest writers in the twentieth century, and his beliefs have not interfered with his work since.

Many people in America thought of communism as the most horrible and un-American way of living. For in America, the people are all about being all you can be and making the most money possible, not making sure that your neighbor has as much as you.

Mr. Hughes liked the idea that in Soviet Union, people didn?t treat him like they did in America. In the Soviet Union, he and his friends were treated as men, something that they had never experienced in the U.S.A. With communism, there is no anti-Semitism and there is education and medical care for everyone. It was easy to see as to why a black man would like the thought of communism, but he didn?t like the Soviet?s lack of freedom of speech and expression. Mr. Hughes believed in a democratic way to resolve problems, both socially and economically (Hill100). The main reason as to why Langston Hughes was never a communist is because Communist Atheism was absolutely unthinkable to the African American community, and that was...