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Langston Hughes: Voice of a Time and a People In 20th century America, the oppression facing African-Americans is possibly the most controversial and historical ever. The constant battle they have fought is voiced clearly in the works produced by African-American authors, poets, artists and musicians during and prior to the Civil Rights Movement, particularly in a period known as the Harlem Renaissance. The voice that perhaps rang the truest among all people is that of Langston Hughes. His work so sincerely expressed the needs, wants, and passions of his people, during a time when, perhaps, these issues were being pushed aside. Hughes? poetry reflects the views of African-Americans during the 20th century. He speaks with a passion for life, love, and the basic human desire for happiness. Very rarely does someone like Hughes come along, someone whose voice can speak for an entire people.

In 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution was passed, abolishing the practice of slavery.

Although this was a great leap in the freedom of African-Americans, they were still far from the equality that they so longed for. The struggle had just begun.

The turn of the century brought many changes for African-Americans. They had slowly built up communities in America?s urban areas or rural land. Although a very few number of African-Americans could actually be considered successful at this point in time, most had cut all ties from their family?s slave master and had made a life for themselves and the generations to come. Despite the advances made, African-Americans were still treated horribly by whites. They were segregated from society, placed on the outside and looked upon as outcasts. They were not given the same freedoms or opportunities as the white man. Although white America kept assuming that African-Americans would accept their preconceived place in...