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Laptop A Laptop is a travel-sized or portable computer that fits on the top of lap. Laptops generally have Microsoft Word, Internet access, and all the other software that people use or depend on everyday. Laptop is smaller than a desktop computer. Laptops usually have four distinct components: a monitor, a keyboard, a system unit, and a mouse. So laptops have almost all the components of desktops.

There are some advantages of Laptop Such as portability, size and weight, and no fussing with cables. The number one reason why people get laptops is because they can bring it anywhere. For example people can bring it to the beach, on a trip, to church or to the office. If anybody move constantly from one place to another place then a Laptop will come in very useful to him or her.

Another important advantage is size and weight of the Laptop. Now a days space is limited. Sometimes people do not get enough space for living and working. Similarly when people move from one place to another place it really tough to carry a desktop. On the other hand Laptops are lighter and much more compact than any PC or Mac system. So it will help people to save space. People can fold it up in a briefcase and keep it under their bed, when they do not use it.

Laptops have also some disadvantages. Laptops are always a step behind than desktops when it comes to capability and efficiency. Because the Laptop is pretty compact. The most recent technology is developed for desktop. After developing for desktop, the technology changes into tinier forms and successfully placed into laptops. So Laptop software is not that much fancy, and everything takes longer time to load or...