The Last of The Mohicans - letter from Cora Munro to her sister about the difficulties of living in the New World

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Dearest Daphne,You should never set foot on the continent of North America, it will be the worst mistake you ever make. By coming here you would be risking your life. The natives here are mentally unbalanced and fricken crazy. The English treat the people that live here harshly and unfairly. The life here in the new world is not easy, it is wild and dangerous and much less civilized. Daphne, you should not come here ever. This is not the life that you want to live. Please I beg you, stay in England.

Daphne, do not ever come to North America because the Indians here are completely insane. Since I have been here our loving father had his heart ripped out and eaten by an angry Indian named Magua. (The Last of the Mohicans) He is against us because we are of the Mohicans. You are putting your well being at a serious risk by coming.

I've also heard about another family that was massacred and taken captive by the natives. In Deerfield, Massachusetts the Indians attacked. Reverend John Williams watched while Indians killed his six year old son, his newborn baby, and his black nursemaid ( Out of Many- text book- page 73). Indians also tried to make this reverend go against god. " He pulled off his crucifix and bade me to kiss it, but I refused. He told me he would dash out my brains with his hatchet if I refused. I told him I should sooner choose death than to sin against God" ( Out of Many- document set- page 52). The natives are violent and cruel, you do not want to live here.

North America is a bad place to live because the English treat everyone here unfairly. Do not think you...