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MLG 312 Written Assignment

From the Merriam Dictionary, the definition of discrimination is the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people different from other people or group of people. People were treated unfairly in their lands and they were being taken over by European settlers that forced these people to practice what they knew from their land. The three readings that support my argument is "El Matadero" (Slaughter House), "El Facundo", and "Where and How the devil lost his poncho" and "Aleph.

"El Matadero" takes place in Argentina at the time there was battles in the political system and a horrible dictator in charge. At the time some intellectual writers from Argentina said that it was because of the Barbarians that the county was in terrible shapes, and that it was because of them that they had Rosas, the dictator in charge of the power.

At the time Argentina was divided into Federalists and Unitarists. Federalists are seen as being the barbarians because of their savage ways and grotesque manners. This is why they are depicted in "El Matadero" as the butchers, and their leader "matasiete". Every group, as we have seen throughout history, has a leader, in the case of Federalists this was Rosas. As an example of the brutality of these people, in the reading we find the part of the beheaded child, and how that incident did not mean anything to the people present: "Suddenly the knot broke loose from the steer's horns and slashed across the air with a sharp hum. In its wake there came instantly rolling down from the stockade the head of a child, cut clean from the trunk as if by an ax. The trunk remained immobile, perched in the fork of a...