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4. You are a law enforcement official who has been wrongly accused by the media of engaging in unethical behavior. What can and should you do?The most important thing to keep in mind when wrongly accused by the media of anything is to keep your cool. Reacting harshly will only hurt you in the long run. The bad reaction will most likely only create more news – bad news. As someone in law enforcement, it is common that you will want to punish the media outlet by shutting them out. This can be done by giving the competition all of the stories and leaving them out. However, this doesn’t always work as well as you think it might.

The first step should be to complain. Not in an angry way, but you need to get your point across and made clear. At the same time it is important to be careful when complaining.

The media with big egos can turn your original story into something even worse. I would start by writing a letter to the reporter or editor that made the accusation. Make sure you send a copy of the letter to the person’s editor or news director. If possible, try to provide a copy of the story when complaining; it is highly possible that they no longer have a copy of it. If you feel it is necessary, ask to see the public file and find out who the President is, and send him or her the same kind of letter. If you plan to sue the person who wrongly accused you, you should try to meet with them face to face and explain your feelings. Make sure you have documented proof that the story was untrue. Taking these suggested steps will help you to greater success...