Lead in the Water News Coverage

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Lead In The Water

Local television news covers many everyday events in a particular community. The local television news stories differs from state to state it is usually not the same news everywhere like the cable news, which is nation wide. Most local television news focuses mostly on crime and is followed by stories about accidents, bizarre events, fires and catastrophes. The news coverage I decided to view was Lead in the water in the Washington D.C. area. I'm going to compare Lead in the water news coverage from two different local channels, first the Fox network coverage and secondly the CBS network coverage. I'm going to compare and explain how both of these local networks differ from there style of covering lead in the water story; for example the graphics of the story, people that were interviewed for the story, the camera shots, the order of stories the network uses, and the editing part of the news coverage that both of these network uses.

Two separate corporations own the local channels Fox and CBS networks. The local Fox news channel in Washington D.C. is called WTTG; there are also other fox channels in other states such as WNYW - New York City, WWOR - New York City, KTTV - Los Angeles KCOP, Chicago WPWR, - Minneapolis WFTC - Minneapolis etc. News Corp. owns the Fox Broadcasting Company, which is located in Los Angeles California. In the film industry Fox channel owns the 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Fox Television Studios. Fox also owns Newspapers from around the world. In the United States Fox owns the New York Post. In United Kingdom Fox owns News International, News of the World, The Sun, The Sunday Times and The Times. Fox Corporation also owns magazines such as Inside...