Leaders and Creators of Large Work Unions.

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Leaders and Creators of Large Work Unions;

Similarities and Differences

Towards the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the twentieth century work union were coming to the forefront. With leaders of these unions coming from completely different backgrounds and political parties many problems where to follow, yet there were also some advantages to this difference in parties. Also the life styles in which they grew up is completely different, one coming from England, son of a cigar maker and the other from the Mid-West, the son of a coal miner. Although, they have theses differences, they both grew up around the early comings of the labor unions.

This leads the strong unions and labor parties of today which lead most big and some small corporations. With all employees joined to these union employers must do what its people want, or face them going on strike.

Samuel Gompers born in London, England, in 1850, he was born into a working family.

He is generally considered the most influential labor leader in the history of the United States. Also, he was instrumental in the creation and growth of the American Federation of Labor (A.F. of L.).During his lifetime an industrial revolution transformed the United States from a rural agrarian nation in to an urban industrial society. From the very beginning he seemed to be very lucky or just well supported.

John L. Lewis born in Lucas, Iowa, in 1880, he was born the son of a coal miner. He being born after Gompers his career was not really boosted until the First World War. He was elected secretary of the United Mine Workers (U.M.W.) in 1901. Even though he was a delegate to the 1906 U.M.W. convention, he had not settled on a union career. He and a partner in...